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Hi Martin,

Congratulations on the launch of AllYouCanUpload. The zero-sign-on is brilliant. I Just read your terms-of-service and this caught my eye...
"You further agree that you will not access Webshots by any means except through the interface provided by Webshots and that you will not access Webshots from any territory where its contents are illegal."

Do CNET have any plans to add an API ?



Walter - yes we have details on the Webshots API here:


It's has only limited functionality. but we're working on it.

We are thinking about releasing an API for allyoucanupload.com. What would be most valuable to you?


Hi Martin,
All I'd need is for the "/uploadcomplete" to return the list of image sizes/urls in XML or JSON format. JSON would be preferable.
If there was an extra optional 'format' parameter which accepted either 'json' or 'xml' as values.



Take a look at http://pxn8.com/ . I try to follow AllYouCanUpload's principle of doing one thing well. It's a photo editor. I just added the AllYouCanUpload button earlier this morning.


Thanks Walter - I'll talk with the team about the XML JSON output (although they've likely already read your comments and have an opinion on this) - cheers.

and thanks for the link.

I'm away from the office this week (we just had a baby last Friday) - but I'll try to find some time to play with pxn8.


Congrats on the new arrival.
Our son was born last month.
Hope you're getting some sleep.

Graham Toal

So dude, what the hell happened? I think a blog post on the reasons for the demise of allyoucanupload would be quite appreciated.

(And where have our images gone? Were they migrated to Webshots somewhere or just deleted?)

I thought it was a great service. Really sorry it died.

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