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http://live.focus.msn.de/ just started in Germany (in Alpha mode) and it will be interesting which model (the VC Model, the big spender model or the intelligent design model) will win in the long term.

Thank you for this update.


Scott Johnson

Haystack seems like a great architecture. Will any of its underlying technology be share with the Open Source community?


I imagine that parts of it will be shared. Not sure which parts yet. but our company has done this in the past with solar.

Ian Holsman

I'd be interested in how the haystack system compares cost-wise to Amazon's S3 service.

15c per G per month
20c per G transferred

have you considered opening up haystack to do something similar?

I'm still not sure how you are planning on actually making money on this..


we are working on a commercial api. we are working on the details and should have them nailed down shortly.

we currently make money like flickr, imageshack and photobucket - which is when a person viewing a served image clicks back to see the image hosted at allyoucanupload.com, we serve them ads.


Does the system work with geographically dispersed nodes or must they all be on a private network? This sounds like pretty fascinating stuff.

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Does the system work with geographically dispersed nodes or must they all be on a private network? This sounds like pretty fascinating stuff.



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