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Great commentary as usual, Martin.

Here's something I've been wondering for a while...

The primary reason we & many people we know keep a print newspaper subscription is for the advertisements & coupons, particularly those on Sundays and close to holidays. (Personally, I have mild allergic reactions to news ink, but I also find most news is covered more readably, more deeply, and more accurately online.)

MySpace has experimented with artificial friends that provide coupons & other updates, and soon those kinds of things may be ubiquitous in the mobile world. Other than short-term novelty entertainment value (not to be underestimated), there's really no other reason to befriend a PR mascot.

Is that where we're headed? If so, how will this business model interact with personally targeted ads? How will the average web site's business model have to change?


thanks MJ - I think what you're describing is that you subscribe to a print paper to subscribe to relevant ad content from some of their advertisers. The web could do that for you for free, and targeted too. Sounds like something that publishers can build using RSS - the reader/member wouldn't have to know we're using RSS - they'd just say - subscribe me to "see" (not receive via email) relevant offers that I can then act on - whether they be product launches, special deals or coupons. flash widgets could stream this info to users and if the user is always in control, then it's opt in direct marketing without the stigma of spam or surrendering your email address. those "readers" of ad content would certainly count as "engaged".

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